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Facebook Post goes Viral


Facebook Post goes Viral A Facebook post by David Wolfe has gone viral with 27 Million views and counting ! We just cant believe that 27 million people have now seen our product with 408K sharing it 51K taking the time to comment and 134K of people sharing an emotion on it. We would like […]

The Flexibility of a POD Tent

The Flexibility of a POD Tent  The ground-breaking interconnecting POD tent system, designed by M2C Innovation Ltd, is set to revolutionise camping this year with a uniquely flexible, communal approach to life under canvas. Inside each POD tent can be customised to feature group and private sleeping cells while outside as many tents as desired […]

Where’s your POD at ?

POD Maxi's Connected

 POD tents is the refreshing, new concept in social camping, revolutionising outside living and holidaying.  The modular system is completely customisable, adapting to the different needs of your camping group each time a trip is planned.  This approach means you can buy what you want when you want, to put the fun back into camping. […]

POD Tent Layout

With POD anything is possible.

POD Tent layout – To try and help customers understand the endless possibilities of the POD’s possible layout configurations we have recently commissioned a 3D artist to draw some visuals. The drawings clearly show the possible layouts of POD Maxi’s to POD Maxi’s and POD Mini to POD Minis and then when Maxi’s and Mini’s […]