Pod’s used to educate & entertain kids

Pod’s used to educate & entertain kids

When we set about designing and producing Pod’s we thought we had covered everything the tents could be used for , family camping , Scouts , Military , Disaster relief , Temporary accommodation you name it we thought of it, however a company in England had a different vision for them and they are using them for an amazing interactive learning experience for kids..

I’m a kid get me out of here have decided to connect the Pod’s together and in each Pod the children have a different task to solve before they can move on to the next Pod calling it the professors “Pod Ship” claiming it lands in your school playground / field and you have to solve the problems before the ships takes off to an alien world in the stars..

We absolutely LOVE this idea and we wish them every success on this new venture , please check them out on

www.imakidgetmeoutofhere.co.uk  or on Facebook 



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