Pod Tents

Pod Tents

Now we had a physical product in production it was time to start shouting about it , so we commissioned Paul Robinson of Johnnycocktail to come up with a fresh / funky launch video detailing the functionality of the POD’s in under 1 minute. Paul took on this challenge and delivered an excellent cutting edge […]

Pod tent – Design 3

Pod tent - Design 3

So after 2 failed designs we once again we went away and reworked all the sizing / stress / specification details and ensured that it was going to be 3rd time lucky. So taking inspiration and everything learned in what had been a 4 month process we managed to get a design that looked great […]

Pod tents – Design 2

So having had the flaw’s in design 1 identified by the technical team at the factory it was onto design 2 for the POD , this time a radical octagonal design was on the cards but again technical issues in the poles design and functionality forced us back again to rethink how we could actually […]

Pod tents – Design 1

Following on from the initial scribbles sent to the designer the first professional drawings of a round designed POD were created and the search for a factory began. It was also at this stage that we started to register the POD branding / Logo and designs in the UK & Europe. Having sourced a factory […]