John Dennis Review of Pods

John Dennis Review of Pods

It was March this year when eyes were first laid on POD tents in a message sent to me via a friend on FaceBook. It instantly caught my eye and knew that it needed investigating. As an adventurer and expeditioner this was a product completely suited for a family adventure we had planned.
Not being one for writing review of products, purely as the amount used, would take a life time. Typically, a review is reserved for the very best of products and POD tents is one of those.
My adventures have led me to many parts of the globe and in many different environments, often on my own. This time, a plan was hatched to make sure my family were involved – so this is where the #15in15 campaign come from.
Our plan is to visit the 15 National Parks in the UK and reaches the highest point in each of them. This is aimed to get our family outdoors as a unit, equally, it’s about showing people how simple adventure really can be.

As a result of this plan, we needed suitable accommodation that was reliable, simplistic and extremely durable. POD tents met every one of those for us.









Making contact with Jason (owner and CEO of POD Tents) it was quickly established he was right in behind what we were doing and us in the product. When we received 2 Elite Mini tents with a link our children were ecstatic










Not only does the product look great, the communal style of space was something we’d not experienced before. For us, it made our adventure all the more special in the way we could layout the tent for sleeping and living.
The height of the tent is a huge bonus. At 6’1” finding tents that I can move freely around and not look the Hunchback of Notre Dam was icing on the cake.










Standing the tent in what seemed like a Force 10 storm in the Lake Districts was not an issue, equally standing them in the dark in the Yorkshire Moors was a doddle. With the entire build quality of the tents being superior and the ease in which they went up, it drew quite a crowd of people to see these unique tents. With every visit from some and seeing the space, they were sold on the concept.









Spending extended period in a small confined tent, it’s a real pleasure to have the space these offer. Since our summer adventures we have not stopped raving about the product and hope many see the benefits of what this great product offers. We will not move to any other tent from this point for our adventures. The product is outstanding and suits the needs of anyone for camp life.

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